Our Mission

The mission of International Initiative for Societal Innovation (I2SI) is to create a better, smarter and more sustainable future. To do this effectively, we believe that platforms that bring together the insight and experience of thousands of people and initiatives for social and societal innovation are important. We believe that existing and emerging knowledge and experience can be put to better use by bringing it together in new and exciting ways. The added value of crossing borders, integrating cultures and broadening insights, making smart use of quadruple helix perspectives and open inclusive interaction will help create a strong foundation for societal innovation.

This will stimulate and encourage new networks, new solutions, more prototypes, more experiments, and better collaborative bridges to help implement promising ideas. It will help maximize local resources and make the insights from international practice accessible. It will help societal innovators and entrepreneurs, who sometimes feel they are working alone, to see what like-minded colleagues elsewhere are doing, explore relevant experiences, and leverage these lessons for their own work.

I2SI is values-driven, and understands the importance of hands-on practice, open interaction, inclusive institutions, and the capacity to create tangible results on different levels. We believe that the knowledge society is only in its first stage, and we encourage even smarter use of its possibilities and potential.

I2SI is activities oriented: we believe in doing things and learning from them, in prototyping, experimenting and improving at all levels. We believe in diversity and that the mixing and integrating of different perspectives and diverse cultures is essential; it is by leveraging our similarities and our differences that we learn and grow.

We believe that doing this on all levels and with all partners – be they in politics, policy, projects and work processes – be they government, business, academic or citizen-driven – is the way to move forward, and co-create quality of life throughout society.