Disruptive conversations

What is a disruptive conversation?

We have used disruptive, provocative, conversations a number of times with useful and powerful results. Each conversation takes place at a special location, with 25-40 people, and lasts from lunch on one day to lunch on the next. During this time we conduct a series of conversations, all introduced by a gentle provocation. The themes and provocations are chosen for their relevance to the participants.

All subsessions involve small-group conversations bringing together a mix of people from different backgrounds, ages, and experience: business and political decision-makers, entrepreneurs and people from the public sector and NGO’s, local and international perspectives – all for the purpose of pushing the issues beyond the normal context. Light facilitation and provocations are provided with the goal of preparing for ‘after tomorrow’ and the uncertainties of the future. New questions, new ideas, new insights arise, and participants grow ‘smarter’ by the hour.

The disruptive conversations are also a way to create new networks that can help politicians, civil servants, CEO’s, societal and business entrepreneurs and innovation activists make more intelligent, better-informed decisions about the future.