To Watch

Often you see a clip which inspires you or gives you a new insight, sometimes they are just cool.
Here we show you some of our favourites.

the New Club of Paris
The New Club of Paris is an agenda developer for the knowledge economy. It’s aim is to support nations, regions, cities, communities, and organizations in their transformation into the knowledge society.
The NCP brings together intellectual entrepreneurs, scientists, opinion leaders and high-level politicians in the knowledge society and knowledge economy to engage in research, dialogue and concrete activities. The NCP prominently participates in knowledge raising events around the world, runs an annual conference in Paris, coordinates and contributes to worldwide research efforts on the knowledge economy, and publishes a variety of papers and books.

More info can be found here

Pyramids to pancakes
Josephine Green came up with this powerful transition metaphor. She sees a period of unprecedented change and transformation.
“While it is scary it is also a golden opportunity to re-address the kind of society we wish to live in. Is it the old Pyramid society of top down command and control through large organizations and based on economies of scale or is it a more Pancake society based on customized and contextualized solutions, enabled by the new technologies, and sustained by all the stakeholders involved in those solutions on a continuous basis. I believe there are two powerful trends that will re-shape our societies. One is a more human scale and intimate view of society and economy based on smaller and more local economies and the other is a much greater participation by the stakeholders in the ownership and outcomes of these economies.”

We believe that Societal Innovation is part of the transition from pyramids to pancakes