Paolo Martinez

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Paolo Martinez (Italy) has a degree in Geography and Sociology from Oxford Polytechnic, four years of experience in the sector of maritime construction and offshore plants, and more than 15 years of experience using creativity and participation activities in projects for innovation management, technology transfer and territorial development.
For many years he has been coordinating and managing projects in Italy and abroad for clients in the following private and public sectors as an architect of processes and innovation pilots, applying state-of-the-art participatory techniques and futurization methods in the field of design management, ICT, management consulting, policy making, knowledge society, intellectual capital, territorial marketing, strategic plans, cultural heritage, employment strategies, concerted action, and collaborative working environments.
For years he has been active in research, writing and teaching on innovation, participation, fast-prototyping and creativity, collaborating with Universities and national and international research centers.
He is founder and director of FUTOUR.

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