Magnus Jörgel

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Magnus Jörgel (Sweden) has a background as Lieutenant Colonel in the Swedish Armed Forces, and holds a degree of Master of Arts (War Studies) from King´s College, London. Magnus Jörgel joined the Swedish National Defence College in 2001, where his research has focused on Africa and its conflicts. This research has included 30 research trips to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ethiopia, CAR, Chad, Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria.

In addition to his placement at the SNDC, Magnus Jörgel held a position as a Senior Advisor for the Liberian Government (2008- 2010), based at the Ministry of Defence in Monrovia. By combining both theory and practice, his work involves diverse aspects of security policy, Security Sector Reform (SSR) and civil-military cooperation. The fieldwork in Liberia has resulted in first-hand sources in an environment that usually is highly difficult to enter. Here strategic theory has been tested in a complex reality.

Since 2010, Magnus is employed at Region Skåne as a Senior Strategist, he is involved in a number of different activities that have been initiated within the framework of Region Skånes long-term development work. Magnus is concerned with strengthening the regional innovation system in order to develop, spread and use innovations within different industries, clusters and skills areas. Region Skåne places great emphasis on initiatives such as finding new forms of collaboration to allow objectives to be achieved, leading to a strong innovation system capable of confronting a diversity of ideas and innovations. Magnus is also involved in the long-term development and strategy for Region Skåne.

Magnus is also involved in research and practical work on intellectual capital and societal innovation, often in cooperation with Leif Edvinsson. Magnus is a member of the New Club of Paris, and he as been a facilitator /co-designer at the Aalto University Camp for Societal Innovation (ACSI) since 2012.
In 2015 Magnus became an International Certified Future Strategist after completing the Kairos Future led international course in this field.

In 2015 Magnus co-initiated the network platform International Initiative for Societal Innovation (I2SI).

Magnus has had the opportunity to act as safari guide on 36 safaris in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

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