Hank Kune

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As founder and director of Educore (since 1991), Hank Kune (the Netherlands) has specialized in working with multi-stakeholder groups and government organizations in projects about innovation, organizational renewal, collaboration and learning, with a special emphasis on hands-on solution seeking for complex social, societal and administrative issues. His recent work has focused on systemic innovation in the field of public policy-making, sustainable renewal in civil service organizations, and developing innovation-enabling environments for societal innovation. He has worked extensively with government organizations in the Netherlands, large companies in Japan., as well as with diverse innovation initiatives in Europe and Asia.

Hank Kune is an active member of the New Club of Paris, a global network organization working as agenda developer for knowledge societies, and co-initiator and principle moderator of the Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation (ACSI). He is Founding Partner of the Future Center Alliance, and a member of the Governing Committee of the Luxembourg Association for Intellectual Capital. His work on dedicated innovation spaces has been influential in establishing and running Future Centers in diverse countries.

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