What we do

We are a social enterprise that wants to reinvest ideas, time and energy in its mission. We mix and use our different talents, insights, experiences and networks to support people in co-creating new and smarter results.

I2SI addresses complicated and complex societal issues through core activities such as

  • Creating breakthroughs on Societal Challenges
  • Encouraging new Leadership, including political leadership
  • Guiding Learning Expeditions
  • Enabling Moonshots
  • Provocative questioning
  • Disruptive conversations
  • Opportunity Enrichment
  • Pop-up Future Labs
  • Camps for Societal Innovation
  • Round table discussions on social issues
  • Navigating into the future

Network members have worked on issues such as

  • Halving carbon emissions from freight traffic in cities (Volvo)
  • Creating sustainable city development in neighborhoods with culture as a driving force, (city of Malmö)
  • Strengthening students’ mental health in (Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg), supporting the Justice Project
  • Promoting healthier lifestyle in the built environment (Johannesburg)
  • Co-defining the role of new academics in upcoming societies.
  • Co-creating new models for regional competitiveness and collaboration (city of Kotka, Finland)
  • Developing a new city environment (city of Kotka)
  • Stimulating regional innovativeness (Region of Skåne, Sweden)
  • Initiating and testing new kinds of citizen collaboration (city of Amsterdam)

You can find some more information about what we did on these links

ACSI in Malmö

ACSI in Espoo

I2SI members use a multitude of methods, techniques and activities to reach sustainable results.

We are always curious about new ways to find solutions for social and societal challenges, and we have a strong interest in trying out new methods to explore effective, future-oriented and unexpected solutions.

The common ground for our activities is always strong stakeholder involvement and planning for long-term impact.