International Initiatives for Societal Innovation

International Initiatives for Societal Innovation (I2SI) is an open network-based platform initiated by innovators from 3 countries. All of us are driven by a passion for action-oriented activities, and by the notion that many people working together can help to create a smarter, more sustainable and inclusive society.

Simply put, we believe that it helps to inspire and bring together more eyes to see!
That’s why I2SI is our platform to meet and share, and co-create and dare – to co-create and collaborate, and inspire people to do more, share insights, learn fast, and engage better.

We invite social and societal entrepreneurs and innovators to engage and learn from each other’s work, and involve many people in shaping our future.
This future wants to be inclusive, open and values-driven, its challenges addressed and overcome!

Together, we support systemic and sustainable change through smarter dialogue, action-learning camps, effective interaction, entrepreneurial discovery, strategic conversation, gentle provocation, collaborative exploration, round table activities, and supporting emerging transformation.

Together, we support people whose work is to prototype and co-create the future, and bring out the best in each other, looking for opportunities to do better, scaling up the good ideas to make a true and lasting difference.

I2SI – the International Initiatives for Societal Innovation – needs more eyes to see. It is open for people to contribute their insights and share their work and work-in-progress. This network-based platform would like to make our world a better, smarter, more inclusive place – and more fun.
Do you share this intention? Make this your platform too.